Back to Basics : Praying Together

The SBR started in prayer, has been sustained in prayer, and has led other churches into 24-7 prayer. It's foundational around here. 

And in this season we see that Father is drawing us back to it as a primary practice, an anchor, a commitment that will not only fortify us but also create a space for others to drop in and experience His presence and prayer ministry as needed. 

So this is just to tell you, we are poised and ready to become temple keepers of our beloved prayer garage in a regular, consistent rhythm beginning Monday, September 8th. 

Monday through Friday

7 a.m. & 8 p.m.

Prayer Garage at 713 5th St NW

All are welcome.

Members of our leadership team, interns, and church gathering will take turns hosting each prayer time, as a way of thoughtfully guiding whomever comes into meaningful prayer. 

We'll be here, rain or shine, in the mood or not. :)