Videos to Inspire

A small collection of videos, both old and new, to inspire prayer and movement toward world-changing.

Read the full poem and the story behind it:
This innovative video creatively explains the 24-7 Prayer movement with paint, pens, spray cans and more. Video by Bryan Hicks from New Hope Church in San Diego, USA, this film beautifully expresses his passion for prayer and connection to God. Music by the Dave Crowder band.
Why pray? Is God listening? How can we do it? Find out more with this animation from the 24-7 Prayer movement. Narration by Pete Greig Animation by Cumi Soundtrack by Steve Harding & Tom Mills of the Push Community
Why do we need to change the world? How? What difference does prayer make? Pete Greig and others from the 24-7 Prayer movement share their thoughts in the 2 minute version of this short film