Back to Basics: Church Family

Back in January we began to be inspired more and more, through some of our readings and conversations in our ongoing Antioch trainings, by the early church and how shared meals played such a significant role in how they gathered together, broke bread, worshiped, and fellowshipped with one another. We realized that it resonated so naturally with how God has led us to gather in our neighborhood with the Love Feast meal every Wednesday night as well as some of the potluck meals that we would share on Sunday nights with our more intimate church gatherings. 

We thought that the way we have done these simple and intimate church gatherings on Sunday nights might pair very well with the meal we share with the wider community at the Love Feast, and would be a natural way for more of our neighbors to enter into that sacred time of worship, learning from Scripture, and praying with one another. We desire for an abundance of opportunities for those we know God cares so deeply about to encounter Jesus in undeniable ways and to know the joy of surrendering ourselves to Him.

This is all to say--starting tomorrow (Oct 1st) at 5:30pm we will be having a simple church gathering just before the Love Feast in the same location (5th st Hall) at 6:30pm. Please join us if you feel so inclined. All are welcome! Also, there is no issue at all if you are unable to come to the church gathering, but still want to join us for the Love Feast meal. 

The following week, on Oct 8th, we will be baptizing three neighbors/friends/brothers/sister who have given their lives to Jesus in the last three years and are walking as committed disciples of Jesus in the family. We are so excited for them--you can join us for that if you'd like as well :)


:: tim ::