CLICK THE IMAGE above to sign up with the ONLINE PRAYER SIGNUP

CLICK THE IMAGE above to sign up with the ONLINE PRAYER SIGNUP

We are so excited to host our first season of CITY-WIDE 24-7 PRAYER in the newly renovated Prayer Garage!

The theme for this week is UNITED. As the church of the city, we are united IN CHRIST, and HIS SPIRIT is what brings us together in unity. We want to welcome individuals from ALL CHURCHES to sign up for a prayer slot in the Prayer Garage.

Each evening from 7-9pm and during the Final 24 hours we will have open Prayer and Worship with Burn 24-7 led by different worship teams from churches around the city.


LOOKING FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS? HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW —> You will AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE an INSTRUCTIONAL EMAIL after you sign up for a slot. This will have all the information you will need to access the Prayer Garage for the time of your prayer slot. This is to honor the privacy and usage of the prayer garage for those who sign up to use it.

The Prayer Garage is located at 713 5th st. NW Grand Rapids

Not sure what it looks like to show up for a prayer slot? This walkthrough will help!

Did you know?

This sign up is specifically for the week of 24-7 Prayer in November, But did you know that you can sign up for a personal or Group Prayer Time in the Prayer Garage any time?

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