The Prayer Garage is a permanent prayer Room for the City

It is a space set apart for retreat from the noisy and distracting environments of our world to connect with the heart of God, sense his presence and nearness, and—when in that place of joyful abiding—be challenged to pray for others and our city. The purpose of the prayer garage is to simply help the church in our city discover and live a life of prayer.

Located on the West Side of Grand Rapids at 713 5th St. NW Grand Rapids, MI

The link above will take you to our online Prayer Sign-up tool hosted at

Anyone can sign up for an hour or two slot with our online sign-up. Once you choose your time, you will receive an automatic email with the info you will need to access it.

We Welcome individuals, families (Kid Friendly!), groups, house churches, small groups, youth groups, etc.  to easily reserve a slot for a private prayer time—no cost.

Our Next goal is to establish regular open ‘drop-in’ hours during the day to make it easier to stop in and spend a few minutes in prayer without needing to sign up.


What’s new about the Prayer Garage?

We have redesigned the space to incite Christ-centered prayer with wider and diverse groups and church traditions in mind. There are 14 creative and interactive prayer stations that around 20 people can engage at once. These stations are mostly permanent features so that they will be consistently available for use.

Why pray in the Prayer Garage?

Prayer is one of the most important things God has called us to in the Christian life. When we pray, we are changed—God moves and others are changed, the world is changed. Prayer is what opens our hearts to receive God‘s love, AND it is our greatest weapon against darkness.

We can pray anywhere, anytime, but many of us find it difficult to know where to start, or to pray for more than a few minutes. Having a place to go to pray, like the prayer garage, puts us into an environment that makes prayer much easier to begin, and to sustain. The most common feedback we hear from people who have prayed in a prayer room is “an hour felt like 10 minutes in there.” 

Simply come and experience it for yourself.