2015: 12 highlights in 12 Months (part 1 of 3)

December is a natural time of year for reflection, and looking back to survey what God has done in the last year. We thought it would be fun to share a highlight from each month to remember and celebrate with you. This is the first of a three-part series (jan-april)--we will publich parts 2 and 3 next week and the week after. Enjoy!

January: Life Training School and Intern Baptisms

Each year our interns take a three-week pilgrimage to one of our sister communities in Kansas City, Now known as Navah Church (formerly the KC Boiler Room). There they participate in a Life Training School that establishes the basics of being a disciple, walking with Jesus, receiving healing from wounds in the past, and entering into the life of God's Family more fully. 

We were so excited to see God move in the hearts of two of our interns, Mark VanPoppering (a native Westsider) and Mark Thiel who came to the Lord in the years leading up to his internship season. Both continue to grow and mature into Christlikeness--and we are so proud of both of these sons. 

Mark Thiel Baptism Collage with text.jpg
February: Esther's Baptism

We had known and walked with our beloved neighbor, Esther, for three years before she decided that she wanted to put a steak in the ground and commit every part of her life to following Jesus--and to be confirmed as a member of the family. As we were planning her baptism, her mothers' health began to decline and she needed to make an extended trip to Texas to support her. She did not want to go before being baptised, so we planned  an impromptu smaller gathering of our core family in the prayer garage that turned out to be an incredibly sweet and beautiful time of receiving her and blessing on her journey. 

March: Welcoming A Tiny New Member of the Community

The birth of a child tends to eclipse all other activity and cause all who are involved to pause and celebrate the wonder of new life that God has brought. And the birth of Walter Solomon, Brooke and Tim's third child, was not anything less. We are incredibly thankful for the gift this little person is to our family and this neighborhood. 


April: Pearl Cooks for Love Feast

Every month in 2015 we had at least one Love Feast meal cooked by a West Side neighbor--and it has enriched this community meal experience immensely! They become the head chef, sharing a piece of their cultural/family heritage in a very tangible way with the community. Dignity rises up so apparent in everyone present as we announce and celebrate the origin of these special meals each night. In April, our neighbor Pearl cooked her famous enchiladas--and they did not disappoint!

Catch Parts 2 and 3 of this blog series in the coming weeks in December...