2015: 12 Highlights in 12 Months (part 2)

May: Yard Sale and Bike Shop Kick-off

As the weather warmed up we did a little spring cleaning of the Boiler Room basement and had a Yard Sale as a chance to meet neighbors and kick-off the Bike Shop for the summer.  

It was a great time to chat with neighbors and there was a lot of interest specifically in the bike repairs.  One neighborhood boy, Augustine, came by and asked about getting a bike.  We invited him to come fix one up with some of the interns that would be around weekly to offer neighbors a chance to repair any issues they had on their bikes.  Augustine stuck it out through the entire summer, developing relationships with the interns and earned a bike of his own!  It’s fun to see him riding around the neighborhood with the satisfaction of having worked hard and earning something himself.  


June: Baptisms of Walter, Curtis, and Caleb

God moved in the hearts of three people to commit themselves to Jesus and his family through being baptized: Curtis, who we’ve known for years but recently decided he wanted to be completely transformed so his son could avoid his mistakes.  He hosted a Love Feast meal this year and continues in discipled relationship. Walter, who was formerly homeless, showed up on our front porch one morning as we were having a bible study, felt drawn into our family and desired to be baptized in recommitting his life to the Lord.  He has found a recovery program on the south side of the city and we are seeking to discern what it looks like to walk with him. Caleb, who came around a few years ago to help with the Bike Shop, has rooted himself more and more deeply in discipled relationship and graduated from the internship in July.  

July: 4th of July Community Breakfast and Parade

We hosted our annual 4th of July Parade where we made a pancake breakfast and invited our neighbors to not just watch a parade, but to come be the parade!  We taped up bikes and cars with streamers, got some drums to beat on and rolled around the neighborhood celebrating together. This year we decided to have a healing prayer and worship space available in the garage as the breakfast was going on. We invited folks to receive freedom from slavery of fear and sin that is available in Jesus. A few neighbors stumbled their way in and reported profound healing/reconnecting experiences with God. 

August: Wedding of Amy and Caleb

Every August we take a month of Sabbath to rest, celebrate what God has done, and remember that the Lord is the one doing the work in each life and family in the neighborhood.  
Caleb and Amy, who have been leaning into the family for a few years now with Caleb having graduated from the internship, got married at the tail end of August at the farm where Amy grew up.  It was a beautiful time for us to celebrate the love of this wonderful couple who have set their marriage on the foundation of Jesus.  

Tacoma Wedding Collage.jpg