Porch Prayer

This Monday marked the beginning of three weeks of prayer on the front porches of different homes all over the West Side. We've called it simply West Side Porch Prayer.

This idea was seeded with a small word spoken by the Holy Spirit on a porch--and it has become 15 different families/homes each hosting a morning for others to come pray with them at 7am before they all head out to work and start their days. We want to come around each of these families at their homes and pray for them as they seek to be lights on their blocks and representatives of God's Kingdom family to their neighbors.

On Monday, we prayed for the Smiths on their porch, a beautiful family who have a heart for this neighborhood and are adopting the elementary school across the street into their hearts (and in some really practical ways as well!). This morning we prayed for the Yoemans family, their neighbors who were targets of a drive-by shooting four weeks ago. We prayed for God's guidance as they seek to influence the culture of their block toward one of peace through Jesus by building positive relationships with their neighbors--and possibly throwing a block party this Fall. 

We will keep praying on a different porch at 7am each weekday until August 4th. If you'd like to join us and need the schedule, email us here: stockbridgeboilerroom@gmail.com

Please pray with us as God's church of the West Side comes alongside to encourage and intercede for one another. We need each other!

Lord, draw your children together for your sake. Let us see one another, know one another, and and love one another so that your light will shine brilliant.

:: tim ::