Remember His Rescue

"...the day I might have lost my wife, had the Lord not intervened."

This is a natural time of year for reflection. And so we spent some of this last Sunday evening's discipleship gathering in reflection (individually and together) about specifically where God has shown up in our journeys over the last year. “So often in the Scriptures,” Jordan reminded us, “the Lord commands His people to remember the work He has done,"--especially the ways He has moved into rescuing action on their behalf.  I began to make a list of some of the big ways and the little ways that He has been there for me and for our community. My heart grew so warm in gratitude as I composed a list of such incredible ways Father has demonstrated His faithfulness to us in midst of drawing us into new territory, places we’ve had to lean on Him to come through because we did NOT have the capacity nor ability to come through for ourselves. My faith has indeed grown greatly this last year because of this greater dependence on Him.

“So often in the Scriptures, the Lord commands His people to remember the work He has done"

As I continued this list, I made another bullet with my pen and began to write “You’ve kept us safe…” Immediately, my mind flashed back to a vivid image from one year ago. As if I’d almost suppressed it, the memory cracked like lightning in my imagination and sent waves through every part of my emotional consciousness in this moment. I remembered that the next day (today as I write this) would be the one-year anniversary of our second miscarriage, and the day I might have lost my wife, had the Lord not intervened.

She had been hemorrhaging unexplainably for some time before I could get her to the ER. I remember standing several feet away from the hospital bed as her face turned pale and head tipped back, a few quarts low of blood and still losing. The nurse and doctor responding as the blood pressure meter on the vitals monitor dropped dangerously low. I was frozen when I realized that this situation could go one of two directions, and I felt helpless to do anything about it. They were able to get an IV in for saline to stabilize the blood pressure and eventually a blood transfusion, but she continued to bleed. After several tests, it was looking like an immediate surgery might be the best chance to stop it. So we prayed.

"...we decided together to lay hands on and command Brooke’s body to stop bleeding in Jesus' name."

I had messaged several close friends and family as I could update them throughout the afternoon. The doctors left the room and we decided together to lay hands on and command Brooke’s body to stop bleeding in Jesus' name. About that time,  we received a message from Jenn that our Boiler Room church family was gathered in the prayer garage for the evening gathering and interceding for the bleeding to stop as well. Within a half hour, the doctors came back in to check on the bleeding and decide whether to begin prepping for surgery. When checked, the bleeding had stopped, and whereas the nurse had previously declared that we’d for sure be staying the night, Brooke was released that evening because she was recovering so well—only with instructions to take it easy as she had lost “a no-joke amount of blood.”

It was found out that this had all been brought about by a miscarriage of a pregnancy we didn’t know we had. We have grieved this, and though it comes up afresh at times like these, I find myself over-filled thankful for the day my wife was rescued. I am remembering, today, the goodness of my Father and His care for me and my family. I’m grateful that His healing power can go out from even a touch of His cloak. And tonight I will hug my wife and kids a little tighter and a little longer.

:: tim ::