"An intercessor is one who is in such vital contact with God and with his fellow man that he is like a live wire closing the gap between the saving power of God and the sinful men who have been cut off from that power. An intercessor is the connecting link between the source of power (the life of the Lord Jesus Christ) and the objects needing that power and life. - Hannah Hurnard "

As a follower of Jesus, I often need to be reminded that "I have been raised with Christ {to a new life..}" (Colossians 3:1, AMP). I try to actively live a life aware of Jesus, meanwhile his life is at work in me. Redeeming and changing my heart.

In the place of prayer is where we can become more aware of just the kind of life and power Jesus is working in us, for us and through us. As we approach our upcoming week of 24-7 prayer at LIFE International, I am eager to see the ways that Jesus will speak about this abundant life he offers us. Many of the prayer stations in the prayer space focus on this very theme and how we have been made "In His Image" and carry the redeeming life that Jesus offers to a world that often dwells on death and darkness.

Come join us in praying this week (sign up for a slot here). Come pray, listen, sing, dance, draw and write.

Come ask Jesus about this life he offers.