a carried and spoken word

I made a quick stop at the Prayer Studio the other day, just to see what the space looked like. 

In this particular prayer space, there is a box that sits on a table next to the door. There is a prompt on the box that encourages the one praying to open the box and pull a piece of paper out that contains a scripture verse. The person praying is then encouraged to take this scripture and use it to pray for the city of Grand Rapids or to take it out to the streets and use it to pray for a friend or stranger. 

When I opened the box today, there were no scriptures to be found. The box was empty.

And that made me smile.

It made me smile, because I love the thought of praying people walking the streets of our city during ArtPrize, carrying some of those scriptures. I love the thought of them praying words that were inspired by the Creator Himself over their city, friends and neighbors.

These prayers are powerful because the One who is found in these scriptures, the One who inspires, inhabits and brings life to our prayers, He is the very Word himself. His Word, His very breath created the heavens.

So you who pray, as you walk the streets and observe the creativity around you during this season, speak the Word. Carry it in your heart. And know that the Word will do His creative work to change, heal, encourage and call the hearts of men and women of our city.