of a prayer space

Last Sunday morning I heard the people of Georgetown CRC reflect on their first ever week of 24-7 prayer.

As individuals spoke about their respective slots in the prayer space, I heard them speak of the prayer room as a place of peace and comfort. I heard them describe a closeness to the Father. Some even wondering if the feeling they felt in the prayer room must be similar to what the priests must have felt in the Holy of Holies, standing in the presence of the Living God.

I heard people marvel at how quickly an hour of prayer could pass. I heard them describe discovering new and intriguing ways to pray. Some so encouraged by this space for prayer that they just had to sign up for another slot.

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I heard them speak of how this prayer space fostered a sense of community among them. How the prayers and scriptures written on the walls represented encouragement given and received. And heart cries seen, heard and prayed for and with. A family drawn together in a space to edify and intercede for one another.

Best of all, I heard some recognize that they are a part of a prayer movement around the globe that believes that what happens in a prayer room can change the heart of the one praying, can change a church, can change a community, can change a city, can change the world. 

An encounter with a Living God is nothing short of miraculous. How beautiful that he would meet us in these prayer spaces. How beautiful that he would be about the work of redemption. And how beautiful is it that he, the Creator of all, would welcome us to be a part of his redeeming work in the world. 

How beautiful that as we open our hearts to him in a prayer space, he would surprise us! And in turn fill our hearts and our mouths with stories of his goodness. And gift us with the faith that, yes, something as "simple" as a prayer could change the world.