Board Games at Love Feast : A Poem

It's April everyone! With the changing of the seasons, the Stockbridge Boiler Room team decided to bust out something new as well, board games at Love Feast.  The Holy Spirit is full of gifts from the Father and I'm always so astounded by how creatively these gifts are delivered to His children.  As I was reflecting on what to write about for my blog post, I could sense a poem was the best way for me to express my  appreciation for the fun and joy these gifts of games conjured up in our neighbors. Here it is: 


Like scattered dots on a page

Linked by lines

Building pathways


For Isolated pieces to meet

To move


Boards patterned to create

With shapes of all sorts

joy for the rich and poor

partners picked for teams that win

and don’t discriminate

Games that create a space.

for laughter, for grace

rules that come from kindness

Following guidelines, to free up the fun

Kindness. Leads. so well…

Inviting all to come

to just be

touching blind eye’s to see

recreating hearts to feel

transforming minds to dream


with the God of love

through fun