Last night we had the privilege of gathering around two young women in the center of the room, laying our hands on them both, and praying to send them off to a distance land to partner with God in spreading the Gospel and growing His Kingdom. 

Michelle (right), Vision Course intern, and Casey (left), the Boiler Room house parent enjoying a moment on the front porch together.

Michelle (right), Vision Course intern, and Casey (left), the Boiler Room house parent enjoying a moment on the front porch together.

Friends and family gathered to see pictures of the Zambian culture that Sarah has experienced several times before, enjoy some delicious dessert together, and this prayer sending as the climax of the evening.

Michelle had made plans to go to Zambia two years ago, which ended up not being what the Lord had for her then. It was a difficult and disappointing experience to not be able to hop onto a plane headed toward where she felt her heart was leading her that summer. But she submitted herself to the Holy Spirit's leading and trusted Him with her heart. This year as Michelle has been plodding along faithfully in the vision course, it was lain on her heart once again that a journey to Zambia to come alongside our friends at Love's Door might be where He was leading for her final Vision Course mission assignment. As she and other leaders of the Vision Course, Love's Door, and Crossroads Bible Church prayed, talked, listened and waited, it felt confirmed that this was the way He was leading. 

After most of the plans were in place, there was one large factor that needed to align--financial provision. Michelle began seeking support while embracing the truth that her Father always provides when He calls us to something. She found herself practicing a ruthless kind of trust as she took on several baby-sitting gigs and invited folks to partner with her in this. A few weeks ago, she and Sarah reported, both through some pretty miraculous giving, that they had each met the support goals that they needed for the trip--and then some! And so we just had to celebrate with them. 

Michelle is a Gatherer of Children, with a true gift of being able to connect with young ones she might not even know through play and her youthful spirit. We prayed for this gift to be utilized during her time in Zambia, as well as for the Kingdom to come through many other unsuspecting moments and people that the Lord divinely brings across her path. 

Sarah is God's Journalist. She is a storyteller with the visual arts and has a mission assignment for this trip to use her video camera and interviewing skills to draw out and creatively tell the stories of what God is up to in this particular part of the world. 

Please join us in praying for Sarah and Michelle on their journey over the next month. 

We prayed this over them during our church gathering last night: 

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ go with you : Wherever He may send you; 

may He guide you through the wilderness : protect you through the storm; 

may He bring you home rejoicing: at the wonders he has shown you; 

may He bring you home rejoicing : once again into our doors.

:: tim ::