back at it

our core leadership team, inclusive of spouses and kids, on our retreat weekend.

our core leadership team, inclusive of spouses and kids, on our retreat weekend.

it's been a good sabbatical month. we've rested. we've remembered that He is God and we are not. we've let dreams incubate and excitement levels rise.  

because after a year of being so very quiet and still, of keeping only the most basic and "easy" aspects of the boiler room ministry going while we spent some time reevaluating and rearranging, we are about to embark on a very eventful new year. 

in just over a week The Vision Course launches. we have three amazing students coming to participate. Laura, Rosanne, and Michelle are the women God has sent to us to love and train and adopt into our hearts. i'm so very excited to witness the story God will write in their lives this year.  

the Coopers are back from their year in Kansas City where they did The Vision Course themselves, and are excited to pioneer it here in Grand Rapids this year. They've moved ino a house just a couple blocks from the Boiler Room. 

Emma and Casey are busy preparing a prayer room that will take place right in the heart of downtown during the famed Art Prize event in September.  

plans for Stockbridge Academy -- a public charter school for the west side -- are trucking along, slowly but surely, as Tony continues to put his expertise from his past life as an educator to work on behalf of this neighborhood and its children.  

Tim has a great team of volunteer mentors lined up for the Bike Shop ministry and is getting lots of administrative, behind-the-scenes pieces in place that will allow better workflow and therefore more time to be available to loving people

the boiler room house has been repainted downstairs and new tile will be laid later this week.  

Mission Church (Sunday Gathering) has been camping out on the Judges, inviting the Holy Spirit to help us see and then smash the idols and high places we've been wrongfully cherishing in our lives.  

the Colliers have moved into the house across the alley from the Boiler Room.

the entire Core Team had a retreat weekend this past weekend, making time to reconnect, enjoy one another's company, worship, and dream together.  

Love Feasts resume on Wednesday Sept 4th.  

we're ready.  may we feel Papa's smile and yield to the Good Shepherd's voice each step of the way!

see you around?