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West Michigan Prays is a Simple grassroots Prayer Initiative for united 24-7 Prayer for The city. 

Some Context

Remember that big CityFest event last year in the middle of the city? It was an unprecedented event in which 380 churches signed on to help pull off in order to love our city together and share the gospel? It took years of careful planning leading up to the event. Many of the leaders involved, including us on the prayer team, didn't want it to be just a flash in the pan, but shared a strong desire to see this event leveraged into a movement that would endure long term and bring churches together around prayer and friendship for the sake of Jesus Kingdom to come in our city. 

WEST MICHIGAN PRAYS is what came out the other side of asking that question together. We are simply inviting churches in the Grand Rapids Area to commit to filling one day or a half day per month with prayer, so that we can have united prayer for our city and West Michigan. 

"But WHY put such an effort into 24-7 prayer?"

Cities and states around the world where the church is praying this way---like like New Mexico, Washington, and Texas---are seeing miracles happen and drastic, system-wide transformation in their economies, crime rates, and many other major issues! (Read more here: https://indd.adobe.com/view/a42e7717-aaa4-427e-9461-7db18e86397d ) Prayer changes lives, families, cities, and cultures. We believe that if the church in the Greater Grand Rapids Area discovers prayer, grows and persists in it---God will move in OUR hearts and OTHERS', and real, tangible cultural transformation will happen.

"That's exciting! How can I and my church get involved?"

You can go to WestMichiganPrays.org to learn more about it. If you are a church leader, we recommend talking to the people in your church who are more geared toward prayer as it's really helpful to have a designated prayer coordinator besides the lead pastor in order to help implement this and stick with it as a church family. If you are a church member, start talking and praying about this with others in your church---including the leadership. If the Spirit is leading you to step forward together to make this commitment, He will make it clear to you all as you hold the question together.

Monthly Church Leaders Prayer Gatherings

 Once per month church leaders come together for one hour on a weekday morning to simply grow in friendship with one another and pray together for each other and the church of Grand Rapids. We’d love for you to join us! Vocational and Lay leaders alike are welcome. To find out more about this, email Marcus Little at marcus@bereangr.org