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We believe that God's Kingdom comes through relationships. We need others to express the fullness of God. We seek to come alongside God in the places that He is already at work in people and in the neighborhood around us. 

Three Ways We Partner

  1. Connecting friends who seek to make a positive missional impact on the West Side with those who are marginalized. We invite you to come share a meal at the Love Feast and begin a potentially life-changing friendship, or join us any weekday at 7am and 8pm for our daily prayer rhythm. 
  2. Connecting Kingdom-minded households on the West Side through intentional prayer and shared meals together. We seek to encourage, intercede for and bless families and households seeking to impact their blocks for God's Kingdom.
  3. Partnering with other churches and organizations for strategic impact on the West Side. We are partnering with Crossroads Bible Church and Stocking Elementary for a developing mentoring program for kids in the elementary school. We also love partnering with other churches and organizations for shared prayer seasons