slices of summer

During the winter months that snow blankets the outdoors, there comes with it a quietness in the neighborhood only experienced during that season. It is June now, and that winter quiet of the Stockbridge neighborhood has officially left us. The hustle and bustle of passers-by, kids and teenagers on bikes and skateboards, and neighbors spending time on front porches has returned--summer is in full swing!

These days are filled with many interactions with people out in the streets and going about activity. Love Feasts for the passed couple of months have been pushing capacity as we've become used to pulling out and setting up extra rows of tables just before dinner is served in order to accomodate all who've come in to join us for a family meal, conversation, and an exhortation from the Word. There are lots of familiar faces and many new ones as we have the privilege of eating, talking, listening, and praying with these folks.  Last night we had the pleasure of many hugs and giggles as many greeted their old friends Jordan and Charis Cooper, who are stopping through on there pilgrimage tour of the Boiler Room communities in North America right now, before they land back here in the neighborhood once again in late July. We concluded the evening with a rousing talent show of sorts, including story-telling, songs, family acrobatics, and an abbreviated sermon-ette by a neighborhood friend!

There is a lot going on in the bike shop these days as well. Two boys, Romeo and David have both worked long and hard over a number of weeks to each finally earn a brand new bike in the last month. I am incredibly proud of them both, and so are their mentors. They have stuck with their commitments and shown such personal growth during their time in the shop cranking wrenches and talking about life and everything with it. Jordan, Tyler, Paul,  Dan, and Caleb, our current volunteer mentors, have a knack for keeping a good balance of work and play with the boys, whether it's an impromptu soccer game in the yard after shop time, a bike ride to the Fish Ladder, or a run for ice cream cones. There are more and more boys in the neighborhood knocking on our door, wanting to work at the bike shop and we are constantly looking for more adult mentors to step up to the plate to spend time getting to know them and walking with them through life while turning wrenches together in the shop. 

Lastly, we are excited to be spending much time and effort prepping for this Fall as we are about to launch the ten-month Vision Course in September for young adults stepping into a season of foundation-laying in their hearts and lives, as well as launching a number of new mentoring after-school initiatives in October for kids and youth on the West Side. Music, outdoor adventure, basketball, photography, bike shop, fiber arts, and tutoring are the activities they will have a chance to rally around and grow in together. 

Here are a few ways you can be praying for us right now: 

  • A restful and pace of life as we lean into the Father and find ourselves in and draw our energy from Him before anything else.
  • Wisdom and discernment from the Lord as we plan and prepare for mentoring after-school and the Vision Course for the Fall.
  • Men to step in as mentors for these boys who want to work in the Bike Shop. 

Thank you, and let us know if you are interested in mentoring at the Bike Shop or any other of the activities starting this Fall.